Georges Kanaan


> University of Toronto, 2017 – 2021, B. Sc. in Computer Science, GPA – 3.00

> International College, 2008 – 2017, French Baccalaureate, Concentration in Biology, GPA – 3.5

Academic Research

  • Currently looking for Research Positions | Summer 2019

    I’m actively seeking research opportunities for the summer of 2019. Areas of interest broadly include Machine Learning, Compression & Cyber Security.

  • Research Assistant at the American University of Beirut | May – August 2018

    • Rewrote and worked on adapting an existing OCT scanning algorithm to different scanner formats. • Used machine learning to identify valid corneal scan frames from the original video format. • Used OpenCV to detect corneal haze contours and the corneal demarcation line. • The resulting study will be submitted for review and upon approval I will be listed as a contributor.

  • Improved the Precision-Time-Protocol

    While developing Airly, I accidentally rediscovered and improved the Precision-Time-Protocol. I am writing a paper about it and why it works. My version of the protocol includes a mechanism that allows it to better deal with variable latency on congested networks by averaging calculations over time. I used the protocol to sync music offline between devices with nano second precision.

Professional Experience

  • iOS Developer at Anghami | June – August 2017

    • Independently integrated my proprietary music syncing feature from Airly into the mobile streaming service app. • Contributed to ongoing development of the mobile app and met production deadlines.

  • Cyber Security at PwC | July 2016

    • Contributed to writing client sided technical specifications. • Attended company workshops pertaining to their cyber security consulting division. • Shadowed professional pen testers for a day.

  • iOS Developer at Saily | May – July 2015

    • Assumed responsibility for critical parts of the Saily App in a small team. • Independently built the Saily Apple watch app from scratch. • Met strict deadlines and delivered a polished product.

  • iOS Developer at FOO_ | June – July 2014

    • Contributed to the development of ongoing projects for clients making use of custom APIs. • Built an in-house crash-reporting tool using custom APIs to transfer the crash logs to the company’s database. • Researched facial recognition technology demonstrating the OpenCV framework with the capability of recognizing facial features such as left eye, glasses, eyebrows, etc…

Personal Experience & Skills

Fluent in: French, Arabic, English, Objective-C, Swift, Python, Java. Familiar in C/C++, PHP.

Lived in Beirut, London and Toronto. Worked in Beirut, London & Toronto.

Interests include classical music, violin, history, running, skiing, artificial intelligence, trading, cryptography, machine learning, cognitive computation.