Georges Kanaan


> University of Toronto, 2017 – 2021, B. Sc. in Computer Science, GPA – 3.00

> International College, 2008 – 2017, French Baccalaureate, Concentration in Biology, GPA – 3.5

Academic Research

  • Research Intern at NASA | June – July 2019

    Procured hardware for network emulation testing which involved managing a budget while meeting requirements. Developed and tested an emulation of a space network both at the hardware and software level to study the interactions of Delay/Disruption Tolerant Network protocols, such as Bundle Protocol, and the Internet Protocol. Simulation network involved custom routing software, testing a flight-ready DTN implementation that will run on PACE and interfacing between BP, ION and IP over both stable and unstable wired and wireless connections. Developed a specialized network management tool that allows for monitoring hybrid DTN/IP networks, furthering NASA’s goal to be a reliable space network provider.

  • Researcher at MannLab, University of Toronto with Dr. Steve Mann | May & August 2019

    Wrote possibly the first implementation of a lock-in amplifier for iOS. Developed a working Brain-Computer interface with Muse EEG, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Took the world’s first image of vision (metavision) and multiple ayinographs, recording the eye’s input as a camera. Co-author on ACM WearSys’19 keynote paper with Steve Mann. To appear June 21st

  • Research Assistant at the American University of Beirut with DR. Ahmad Dhaini | May – August 2018

    Rewrote and worked on adapting an existing OCT scanning algorithm to different scanner formats. Used machine learning to identify valid corneal scan frames from the original video format. Used OpenCV to detect corneal haze contours and the corneal demarcation line. The resulting study will be submitted for review and upon approval I will be listed as a contributor.

Professional Experience

  • iOS Developer at Anghami | June – August 2017

    Independently integrated my proprietary music syncing feature from Airly into the mobile streaming service app. Contributed to ongoing development of the mobile app and met production deadlines. Wrote production quality code for MENA’s biggest music service that was deployed to millions of mobile devices.

  • Cyber Security at PwC | July 2016

    Contributed to writing client sided technical specifications. Attended company workshops pertaining to their cyber security consulting division. Shadowed professional pen testers for a day.

  • iOS Developer at Saily | May – July 2015

    Assumed responsibility for critical parts of the Saily App in a small team. Independently built the Saily Apple watch app from scratch. Met strict deadlines and delivered a polished product.

  • iOS Developer at FOO_ | June – July 2014

    Contributed to the development of ongoing projects for clients making use of custom APIs. Built an in-house crash-reporting tool using custom APIs to transfer the crash logs to the company’s database. Researched facial recognition technology demonstrating the OpenCV framework with the capability of recognizing facial features such as left eye, glasses, eyebrows, etc…

Personal Experience & Skills

Fluent in: French, Arabic, English, Objective-C, Swift, Python, Java. Familiar in C/C++, PHP.

Worked with: Git, Unity, OpenCV, iOS/macOS SDK, Tensorflow, Spacy, VPS Deployment, Cydia Substrate, SciKit, PsychoPy, Muse EEG.

Lived in Beirut, London, Toronto and Washington D.C.

Interests include classical music, violin, history, running, skiing, artificial intelligence, trading, cryptography, machine learning, cognitive computation.